Absolute Decolonisation of Africa The Impossible Journey

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Owen Mulima


This paper shares the author’s perspective on the notion of decolonisation of Africa. The perspective discussed highlights the challenges and complexities that go with the conversation of decolonisation in Africa. The main argument put forward is that the discourse of decolonisation should not be looked at from a singular point of view only such as politics, education or industrialisation, but that various spheres of the Africanness aspect should be considered. 

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Mulima, O. (2023). Absolute Decolonisation of Africa: The Impossible Journey. Kwame Nkrumah University Multi-Disciplinary Journal - Zambia, 1(1), 1–4. Retrieved from https://accessjournal.nkrumah.edu.zm/index.php/knuj/article/view/7
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