The Teaching of Social Studies in Zambia A Case of Selected Secondary Schools in Ndola District, Zambia

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Epheso Monze
Oliver Magasu


This study sought to establish how the teaching of Social Studies in selected secondary schools of Ndola District, Zambia was done. To do so, this study had to find out how teachers were teaching social studies, the challenges (if any) teachers were facing in the teaching of social studies and to establish strategies of improve the teaching of social studies. This study took a qualitative approach and used a descriptive research design. Data was collected using oral interviews. Homogeneous purposive sampling technique was used to target the participants who were fifteen. The key findings of this study were that teachers were facing numerous challenges in teaching social studies and these included: Lack of teaching and learning materials especially textbooks, lack of trained social studies teachers, inadequate time allocation and bulkiness of social studies content. Based on these findings, this study recommends the following to the Ministry of Education: To allocate adequate funds to schools for the procurement of teaching/learning materials especially quality textbooks for social studies, conduct fast track training, recruitment of social studies teachers and to revise the social studies curriculum further through an inclusive process.

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Monze , E., & Magasu, O. (2023). The Teaching of Social Studies in Zambia: A Case of Selected Secondary Schools in Ndola District, Zambia. Kwame Nkrumah University Multi-Disciplinary Journal - Zambia, 1(1), 79–100. Retrieved from


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